Global statistics show that roughly 1.24 million people die annually and another 50 million people are injured annually due to traffic accidents. Qatar and the Gulf region are not immune from traffic accidents and fatalities. Local and regional statistics show high numbers in fatalities and injuries due to road crashes. In Qatar the death and injury rates from road accidents are quite high, averaging around 220 deaths and 550 serious injuries, every year; according to the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) 2013-2022 [PDF, 3.7MB].

According to research and testing completed in the University of Utah, drivers are eight times more likely to have an accident if driving while texting. Distracted driving is becoming an epidemic on the roads of Qatar and the region, putting thousands of lives at risk.


Qatar’s Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics provides monthly statistics on the number of accidents, road traffic injuries, and deaths. This serves as a great source to learn more about the increasing danger on roads in Qatar. A U.S. based study [PDF, 8.7MB], held in February 2014 states that Qatar is one of two countries where fatalities from road crashes represented the two highest percentages of fatalities from all causes, from 193 countries. This is mainly the case due to having the lowest fatality rate from all causes.